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BRILL CARE WALL PUTTY INR 0 INR 0 Catering to the needs of the clients, we offer Wall Putty. The Wall Putty is made using fine quality materials. The Wall Putty is provided under the registered brand name “BRILL”. This White Cement based BRILL CARE Wall Putty is specially manufactured for increasing and strengthening the life of the expensive paints. Sizes Available 20 kgs, 5 kgs, 1 kg Special Features Is equally good for application on interior & exterior walls Applied on both new and used wall surface after proper readiness. After application the finish is smooth and does not require primer coat before application of distemper or paint Odorless & anti fungal It is non-toxic Does not require any curing after application Has good adherence and is water resistant and hence can be applied on wet surface Prevents water seepage / leakage through cracks / voids in mortar-concrete Storage life is about 10-12 months Store in dry & cool place Depending upon the smoothness of the surface, 1 Kg. of White Cement Based Wall Putty will cover an area up to 2.5 thickness True 1457935141
MALCO TINT Universal Stainter
MALCO TINT Universal Stainter INR 0 INR 0 MALCO Universal Stainer is manufactured for rigid specifications such as color shade, color strength and rheology. This Universal Stainer guarantees both excellent color accuracy and color reproducibility. Universal Stainer is carefully formulated to provide trouble-free use. The pigments are fully dispersed with maximum tinting strength & full chroma. Due to the unique dispersion technique used by us, optimum color development is obtained from each pigment employed. This results in maximum Tintorial strength & maximum transparency. This ensures complete deagglomeration resulting in no shade change & strength change. Universal Stainer are glycol based binder free pigment concentrates having both Non-lonic & Anionic wetting agent & dispersing agent in optimum dosage. Compatibility Every dispersion is designed for maximum compatibility with coatings based on a wide variety of vehicle systems. Together they offer virtually unlimited color matching compatibility in most low VOC & conventional water based & solvent based coatings. MALCO Tint is compatible with Paint System based on: PVA Emulsion Acrylic Emulsion / Styrene Acrylic Emulsion Modified Alkyd Emulsion Water Based Semi Gloss & Gloss Finishes Alkyd Enamel Oil bound Distempers Acrylic Distempers / Dry Distempers Lime Colours All Pigment dispersions are stabilized by additional surfactant and have negative effect on the paint film properties. Excellent long term viscosity & very stable over a wide temperature range. True 1457935325
MALCO ELEPHANT LIME POWDER WHITE INR 0 INR 0 Catering to the needs of the clients, we offer White Lime Colour Powder Provided under the Registered brand name of MALCO, White Lime Colour Powder has a matt chalky appearance. Our White Lime Colour Powder works best on lime plaster, lime render, stone and brick. The White Lime Colour Powder has garnered huge appreciation and is therefore high on demand. Product Detail White Lime Colour Powder is a very ancient paint made from limestone, which has been crushed, burnt and slaked with water to make Lime Putty. The Lime Putty is matured for several months before being thinned with water to make lime color. Lime color is naturally white and forms a complex crystalline matrix which has a matt, slightly chalky appearance. It is colored with pigments and can be used internally or externally where it works best on porous surfaces such as a traditional lime plaster, lime render, stone and brick. Unlike modern barrier paints, MALCO LIME COLOUR works by sinking into the surface. When used on porous surfaces, the color will deepen if there is any dampness in the background material, hence its attractive shading. True 1457936803
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